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Turn Your Old Clothes To Something New This Spring

Timeless ways to make your old clothes & accessories new.


If you are good with the needle, or if you have a good old sewing machine, why not start a sewing project  and recycle your old sweaters and old denim Jackets. The trick is neatly reworking the denim sleeves into your sweater sleeves hole, and you will have a brand new piece of elegant clothing. 


We know you came here for hacks on old clothes, but we couldn’t help chipping in a good accessory hack. Have you got old wallets that you are super bored with, why not get your favourite art design painted on it? If you are not art inclined our Infinite Closet app is coming out soon, this brings fashion and  art designer nearer to you.

Neleni, one of our designers, creates beautiful work of art on wallets too, contact us by clicking on here if this interests you.

Skinny jeans 1

Have you got a good old pair of jeans and you want to recycle into a good distressed pair of Jeans? Then get together the necessary distressing tools, to make sure your jeans has that real ripped look get a cheese grater, steel wool, sandpaper and a pumice stone or foot file….Let’s go through the steps:

Create holes ,use a small pair of scissors ( a good nail scissors will do). Mark out where you want the rip to be using chalk, pen or markers.  Try not to use something sharp so as to avoid accidents to your skin! When you have picked your points for the rips, lay flat on the ground and run over this with a chalk . There is need for precision when creating the holes, we are not going for symmetrical rips (remember distressed is the key word, aiming for nonchalance) plus make sure you secure the back of your jeans to avoid the hole cutting through.

For the tricky part, using the edge of your scissors scrape down the area of the jeans you want ripped from side to side till you see the white thread. Then the fun part begins, grab your tweezers and fray the threads…if you want holes then cut through the threads with your scissors. Finally using the grater, sandpaper or pumice stone rough up areas on the jeans to give it a naturally distressed look.