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The Boss Lady!

How To Dress Like A Boss Lady

Power Dressing Tips


A woman’s femininity is very powerful, women can power up even more using fashion as an armour in the Business place. The great thing is that these days there is a rise of women in places of power and authority, so it’s okay to slay and still exude confidence and strength as woman in leadership positions. Women leaders are now able to mix inspiration with style and produce pure class, they also lend inspiration to other female junior colleagues in the work place.

Modern feminism is mirrored in modern fashion these days and it allows women leaders express their femininity without losing the fact that they are still in charge.

Our point really is that you can dress like a boss and still slay any day!

A few tricks and tips below…

pic 5

Wide shoulder …


We love the powerful vibe that the wide shoulder jacket exudes. Dress like a boss and drape these authoritatively over your shoulders.

Refined’s Francisco Blazer has the wide should look well complemented by the luxurious feel of Japanese Crepe.

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You can’t go wrong with a blazer. Blazer’s are so easy to style, plus they look great!

The Melbourne Blazer is another recommendation, it drapes beautifully over the shoulders and gives that power look and feel.

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Sexy Power Suit

Boss up with a power suit. We just love the look of a sexy suit.

Style Inspiration by Refined. Get the look here

All white Party dress
white suit

White Monotone Suits or Dresses?


 Dresses are easy to style with a blazer or just wear  them with a nice pair of shoes or jewellery. A white dress exudes confidence and authority, and so does a monotone white suit too. These outfits are a great way to dress like a boss and slay.

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Power colours and shades


The jury is out on these ones, power colours are usually shades of Black, Blue and Beige.  However the lighter shades for suits are great too. These styles are also great for interviews as well. Thinking about how to dress for the interview of that high profile job? Any of these outfits and styles would definitely give you the confidence and edge you need.

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