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That Time when Riri Wore Julia Seemann’s Design and her sales hit the roof

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…. How A Fresh Fashion Talent Got Discovered Overnight!


Rihanna has always been known to help new fresh designers by wearing their looks before it hits the main stream.

It was awesome seeing her in Julia Seemann’s new design at Kanye West’s YEEZY show.

The part we love best is how Julia Seemann became Mercedes-Benz Fashion Partner, and she almost immediately became inundated with order requests for her design.

It’s hard to get noticed in the world of fashion, the struggle is real! Leaving many fresh talents wondering  about how to be a fashion designer, and if they will ever make it…

It’s super refreshing to see when fresh young designers are discovered, showing it is  possible to be discovered, just keep your head above the waters.

Big ups to Riri on this one!