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Sellers FAQ

What are the benefits of selling on Vanilla Vogue?

There are many benefits, all of which makes your brand more visible and helps you boost your products, these include, tailored blog posts, Face book adverts and Instagram Promotion, Newsletters featured listings. Trade shows and pop up events and so on

How do I become a Vendor on Vanilla Vogue?

Simply fill out a registration on the Open a Boutique section.

How much does it cost to be a vendor on Vanilla Vogue?

We charge 5% on items sold, and $10 monthly to run and list in your Boutique

Where must I be based to be a vendor?

We have a worldwide community, so you can be based anywhere in the world to be a Vanilla Vogue vendor.

Can anyone sell on Vanilla Vogue?

Yes, however we have a selection process and we select only those brands that have a good fit for our Vanilla Vogue. We also reserve the rights to retire Boutiques that no longer fit within our portfolio.

How do I find out what next to do?

Join our Forum and be a part of the fashion community, you can post questions or find answers from other vendors on the platform.

How do I process orders, returns and logistics?

You handle all shipping processes, returns and logistics as stated in our terms of use, however we are here to help you run your store smoothly so feel free to drop us any questions on issues you have. Check our Contact us section below for details on how to reach us.

How do I get paid?

Easy, you get paid at Point of sale. Commissions are also automatically take off at point of sale.

Do I get support for my store?

Yes, we are here to help. You can contact us using the details in our Contact section, and we will respond to you queries.

Can I sell across categories?

Yes, you can sell in as many categories as you find suitable for your Boutique.