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Neleni handbags

Elena Bourbour Ajdari is a talented woman living in Los Angeles, she also happens to be the independent designer of Neleni handbags. She first started designing handbags during her childhood after being enchanted by the idea of creating her own bags, which she started creating from paper and fabrics.  Neleni handbags are exquisite, of great quality and sophisticated which all ties into the fascination of their range of leather bags. The best leather is chosen for their handbags. Their bags are modern and stylish perfect for women of all ages. Do you have a party you’re attending and can’t think of the perfect accessory? Did you receive a wedding invitation in the post and can’t think of the perfect bag to take along with you? Well I’m pleased to inform you that you now have have an entire collection of Neleni bags to choose from. Neleni have an incredible collection available at your finger tips today, so get shopping while stocks last!