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How to Wear Leggings



Leggings are so easy to feel comfortable in, you can go for the edgy, relaxed, chic look.

Our advice, go for leggings that are thick and have a good stretch. If you are unsure about colors, why not start with black? You can go for Leather or faux leather if you want that additional edgy feel.

Thinking of what to combine it with, try casual sweater dresses, or long tunics, and a belt. Finally for shoes, combine with ankle boots and you are good to go.

You can also try your stretchy long black leggings with a pair of classy stilettos, and combine with a trendy coat!

You can combine your leggings with sweatshirts. Thinking of how to style your leggings to work?  Try a pretty silk blouse, and a fitted jacket over your leggings, throw on a 3/4 length coat (Remember layering is one of the best tricks of perfect styling).

Spring is almost here, there are so many ways to try out leggings, don’t feel like you have to trends, you can set the trend!!


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