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How to dress after a break-up

5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Breakup Makeover

Break up and Moving on…what’s best to wear


We all know break ups are hard, it’s a sort of death when you break up with your boyfriend, or

someone you love. It’s a definite end to something that was a part of you, and you go through all

the grieving stages; guilt, anger, denial, depression before acceptance. There will be all those things

you need to sort out, even if you don’t feel like it. You will vent in those dark times, slash some

old dresses that remind you of your ex and smash some things against the wall just to vent.

It’s probably just the right time for retail therapy! Some advice on how to deal with a break-up and

tips to get you on the way to recovery.


1.Don’t change who you are. We know that after a break up you want to break out and do things in

a new way. Just don’t go down the drastic route. You can update your wardrobe without changing

or re-inventing who you are including your style and look. You can try new items that complement

your normal look while bringing out a fresh you. Stay true to yourself, the worst of the feelings will

soon be over.


2. Spoil yourself, time to get new things, update your wardrobe, get something you’ve always

wanted as a specially add to your wardrobe. Don’t go overboard though and don’t be impulsive.  A

little retail therapy always lifts up the spirit.


3. Don’t go around wearing things that constantly remind you of your time together. What’s the

point of that? No need to be sad and mopey. Give away things that keep pulling you back to the

past. That bag you took on your last trip together to Thailand needs to go! Give those things all

away, you don’t really need them anyway.


4.Don’t be impulsive, don’t get a drastic hair cut that you normally would hate or get a F*^k You

tattoo. Don’t do things that you will need to live with for a long time, is it really worth it? Save your

self-more pain.


5.Volunteer somewhere, give things away to the needy, help others feel better about themselves,

research has shown that one of the best ways to feel better is by rendering a helping hand to



6.Finally get yourself some gym clothes, time to hit the gym. Working out gets your adrenaline up,

you look good and you feel great. Trust me, you want your ex to bump into you and you leave them

savouring every piece of the renewed sexy you. Leave them wondering why they let you go in the

first place!