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Customise Your Own Clothes

Design Your Own Clothes

Creating and customising your own designs  can be so much fun. Vanilla Vogue’s infinite closet is a collection of customisable wearables.  Currently, customisation is limited to choosing colours, however the good news is that the infinite closet app is soon set to  launch later on this year, the app allows you to customise and design your own style, you can even upload your own designs too. Products in the infinite closet are customisable and you  will be able to chose the colour, style or material for your designs. Another great add is that  you will be able to link up with different designers too.

Lets share you some of our favourites int he Custom fit industry below:

Design your own hoodie

Design hill has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huntington Post, to name a few, they are gurus at the game of customisation. The process with them is easy and straightforward too. Check them out for your customisation they are one of our faves.


design hoodies

Design Your Own T-Shirts

Another favourite of ours is T shirt studios. Get your creative juices flowing, design your own t-shirts on a blank canvas.

Get your favourite designs easily on your Tees, different colours too. The process is very straight forward at the T shirt studios, no wonder they have excellent reviews.

design Tees

Customise Your Dress

If you want to customise your dress, we have a favourite on this one too. We have followed Eshakti’s growth in the custom fit industry and they are  doing well.

They allow you to pick the length , colour, style, neckline etc and the process on the website is straightforward too.


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